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We are a South Pacific innovation lab that focuses on solving local challenges and needs through the use of appropriate robotics & AI technologies.

What we do

We act as an expert’s center to develop local capacity for the use of appropriate robotics solutions in humanitarian, development, health and environmental efforts in the South Pacific region.

We provide training, equipment and data processing expertise and will help incubate new local drone-based service providers. We foster local demand by working together with local, national and international organisations in conducting robotics-related projects.

As a non-profit organisation, we focus on projects that directly benefit human life and the surrounding natural environment.

Projects & Training

Open AI Challenge

Open AI Challenge

Open AI Challenge for the South Pacific launched with the World Bank. The purpose is to develop solutions using artificial intelligence to automatically analyze aerial imagery to assess food security. More here.

Upcoming Projects

Upcoming Projects

Upcoming humanitarian and environmental projects in March 2018 using both aerial and marine robotics. We also plan to carry out a cargo drone demo in early 2018.

Upcoming Training

Upcoming Training

Upcoming trainings on both aerial and marine robotics scheduled for March 2018.

Baseline Aerial Imagery for Cyclone Gita

Baseline Aerial Imagery for Cyclone Gita

Simply click on the names of the locations in this blog post to view and download the existing, pre-Cyclone aerial imagery of Tonga.

How We Can Help

Contact us to learn on how we can help your social good projects. We are interested in hearing how we can help you.

We are proud to count following organisation among our partners:

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Amrita Lal – Pacific Flying Lab Coordinator 

Amrita is the Pacific Flying Labs Coordinator. She is well versed in robotics and is a passionate drone pilot, having worked with RTK drones and thermal sensors. She’s also fluent in the leading software platforms for imagery processing and analysis, and has programming experience with Python. Amrita volunteers as a mentor at an all-girl orphanage and will be graduating from the University of the South Pacific in the coming months.


The University of the South Pacific

Suva, Fiji